March 07, 2022

Nurse Pamela Jane Nye says Operation Scrubs, THE NURSES WALL, and social media are the weaponry needed to take it back!

Nye is seeking a billion ‘thank you’ nurse-honoring postings on The Nurses Wall website. During her February news media briefing, Nye referenced “seventeen high-profile people who, with a mouse or cell phone click, can globally reach and motivate billions of social media followers to achieve that objective during May’s 2022 National Nurses Week celebration.”

Skeptics say odds don’t favor The Nurses Wall getting a billing ‘thank you” postings during National Nurses Week; some say it’s impossible. 

Nye disagrees, arguing, “The Nurses Wall mission is not only possible, but it’s also predictable,” and now shows her list of high-profile influencers, math calculation logic, and her social media pathway to achieving the mission’s billion+ nurse-thanking mission goal.

Nye’s list of influencer names begins with “Cristiano Renaldo/390M), Ariana Grande/229M), Dwayne Johnson/226M), and Kylie Jenner/223M)” as the four people whose combined social media following could reach and motivate 1,068 billion people. To reach 2,032 billion people, Nye adds, “Salena Gomez (219M), Kim Kardashian/212M), Lionel Messi/194M), Beyonce (171M), and Justin Bieber (168M).” For 3,032 billion people, Nye includes “Taylor Swift/152M), Jennifer Lopez/148M), Kendall Jenner/156M), Miley Cyrus/127M), Katy Perry/115M), Kevin Hart/105M), Demi Lovato/101M), and Ellen DeGeneres/96M).”

“These numbers may be cumulatively less given duplication probability,” Nye acknowledges, but smiling when she adds, “They may also be significantly higher should each social media follower invite their social media contacts to participate.”

Nye also intends to recruit companies with large customer or social media subscriber numbers, naming “Google with 3.1+ billion customers; Facebook/2.7 billion, YouTube/2.4 billion, WhatsApp/2.4 billion, Instagram/1.2 billion, WeChat/1.2 billion, TikTok/689 million, and Snapchat/498 million.”

While these names and their social media reach are undeniably impressive, the question is whether Nye can timely connect with them and what she might say to motivate their participation? 

Nye’s motivation approach is simple, direct, and consistent when she explains, “Very little time is needed to invite your social media contacts and ask them to post a ‘thank you’ message honoring the world’s 20+ million unsung hero nurses. So why would anyone say no? Seriously!”

“Making the initial connection is the real challenge,” Nye acknowledges, explaining, “because most of the agents, publicists, and managers I’ve contacted tell me they won’t facilitate a meeting or even share this opportunity with their clients unless financial compensation is available.” 

Nye says her workaround strategy involves recruiting two high-profile, respected, and nurse-appreciative people with known social media, email, phone, or other resources allowing them to connect with and invite any or all of the people and the companies needed to accomplish this mission.  

Nye also says she had selected and was optimistic about getting these two people involved, given their mutually represented manager said he was recommending their participation and was going to facilitate the requested meeting.

Chuck Foster
WCNi News Service

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