President Joe Biden said today that the longer the virus is around, the more likely variants form that may be deadlier than the ones that have come before.

In his remarks to the reporters he added” I promised when I got elected that I’d always give it to you straight from the shoulder — the good, the bad, the truth”.

So, as we head into Christmas weekend, I want to answer your questions about the rising number of COVID cases — COVID-19 cases.

And I want to start by acknowledging how tired, worried, and frustrated I know you are. I know how you’re feeling.

For many of you, this will be the first or even the second Christmas where you look — across the table will be an empty kitchen chair there.

Tens of millions have gotten sick, and we’ve all experienced an upheaval in our lives.

But while COVID has been a tough adversary, we’ve shown that we’re tougher — tougher because we have the power of science and vaccines that prevent illness and save lives, and tougher because of our resolve.

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