The United States has honored today the memory of Lockerbie boming in Scotland in 1988.

The following is a statement issued by Emily Horne, the National Security Council’s spokesperson:

Today, the United States remembers the 270 innocent lives, including 190 Americans, lost 33 years ago in a brazen act of terrorism aboard Pan Am Flight 103 in the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland.

The victims included 35 Syracuse University students returning from studying abroad, spouses heading home after business trips, parents traveling with their children for the Christmas holiday, and Scottish families sitting down to dinner in their homes. Each of these tragedies was a story that ended too soon.

As we honor the victims of Pan Am Flight 103, we thank our Scottish partners for their continued pursuit of justice, and we remember the families and friends who have continued fighting for the loved ones they lost.

Their courage and dedication remind us that there is no room in this world for terror of any kind, and that we all must remain persistent and vigilant in combating these evils, together.

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